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Blended Paediatric First aid training

In the early years sector, providing quality paediatric first aid training to staff is essential. With a number of different training options available, selecting the right course can be tricky. Blended training is increasingly becoming an attractive option for early years practitioners, combining the convenience of online learning with the benefits of hands-on practical experience and trainer support.

Blended training involves a combination of online learning with face-to-face teaching. Through completing an online component, the participant can get familiar with key theory and basic information. This allows them to get the most out of their face-to-face training, as they can focus their attention on practical assessment, including:

• Managing incidents,

• Practising lifesaving first aid,

• Understanding medications and allergies,

• Conducting basic resuscitation and CPR,

• Assessing and managing injuries and illnesses, and

• Understanding child psychology and responding appropriately.

The in-person element of the course allows participants to practice and experience first-hand the importance of following safety and hygiene protocols. They can learn which scenarios require specific first aid skills and situations, enabling them to gain the practical understanding and experience needed to act quickly and efficiently in a real-life situation.

The use of a blended approach to paediatric first aid training offers a number of advantages, making it an ideal choice for employers and employees in the early years sector. It is convenient, allowing participants to learn in their own time and at their own pace. It is also cost-effective, as employers don't need to pay for travel to training courses. It is also beneficial in terms of safety and compliance, as participants can gain the skills and knowledge needed to be confident in responding to emergencies.

If you work in the early years sector and are looking for an effective and convenient training solution, blended paediatric first aid training could be the perfect solution. Not only will you receive the theoretical and practical understanding you need to respond to incidents effectively and efficiently, but you will also gain the confidence and experience needed to excel in your job.

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